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Cuba Countdown -RLS Tour Schedule

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


So were now in a single digit countdown to Cuba, and as much as we’re calling this tour the “RLS Rock n’ Roll Springbreak” , there doesn’t seem like there will be much time for Jaggerbombs and bad Canadian suntans…The schedule is pretty full!

Not that we’re complaining – RLS are really stoked to have  a ridiculously loaded musical schedule…it’s not too often that rock n’ roll becomes a full time job…And, here in Ottawa, we couldn’t buy the type of media attention we’re getting in Cuba – Daily T.V. and radio appearances…press conferences…and more.

We also have some amazing shows lined up!

- We now have 2 slots at Cuerda Viva Fest – One on Friday and one on Saturday.

-A Concert at the legendaryMaxim Rock with a from France.

-A show at Bertold Bretch Theatre – this is a real “Theatre” with  a circular wrap-around stage. The audience is 360 degrees. We are playing with a legendary Cuban rock/world beat band (Sintesis).

We also have some cool stuff set up, like a jam with students at a music conservatory, hosting workshops for Cuban rock musicians and going down to Old Havana to busk on the street with a Traditional Cuban band (…this is gonna be awesome…and humbling…).

We’ll be sharing all this with you guys as we go, and there will be loads of video and photos to check out…we promise to bring back souveniers & strange tales!!!

So Here it is, the full Red Light Saints Cuba Tour 2011 Schedule

Monday March 7th:

A.M.- Leave Montreal to Havana

Noon- Arrive in Havana. Welcome Interview w/Culturales NTV

P.M.- Donation and Acoustic Show for Cultural Sociedad Jose Marti

Tuesday March 8th

A.M.- Interview w/ Juanito Camacho – Radio Ciudad

Noon- Lunch w/ Cuerda Viva Fest Organizers

P.M.-  RLS Workshop for bands from The Cuban Rock Agency

          – Interview w/ Cuba Tonight

Wednesday March 9th

A.M.- Interview w/ Juventud 2000 & Radio Rebelde

Noon-  T.V. appearance on Canal Habana

P.M.- tba

Thursday March 10th

A.M.- Press Conference @ Studio EGREM

Noon- Soundcheck Maxim Rock

P.M.- Concert @ Maxim Rock

Friday March 11th

A.M.- Jamming at music school – Conservatory Guillermo Tomas

Noon- Soundcheck for Cuerda Viva Fest

             – T.V. Interview w/ “23 y M”

P.M.- Cuerda Viva Fest

Saturday March 12th

A.M.- Busking w/ Traditional Cuban Band in Old Havana

Noon- Soundcheck for Cuerda Viva Fest

P.M.- Cuerda Viva Fest

Sunday March 13th

A.M.- Jamming/Video @ Santa Maria Beach

Noon- …hopefully still on the beach!

P.M.- Concert @ Bertold Bretch Theatre

Monday March 14th

A.M.- RLS return to Ottawa via Montreal.

P.M- Sleep!

Red Light Saints Cuba Tour-Press Release

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011



Ottawa music group, Red Light Saints are heading down to Cuba for what they are calling their “Rock n’ Roll Spring Break”. This marks the first time a Canadian Rock band has been invited on an official tour, by The Cuban Ministry of Arts and Culture.

The tour is scheduled from March 7th to 14th, 2011, and includes a headlining slot at Cuerda Viva Fest (one of Cuba’s biggest music festivals), a concert at Maxim Rock (a 2000 capacity theater in Havana), a show at U.C.I (one of the most prestigious Universities in Cuba), as well as several national television and radio appearances.

Cuba has a large audience that is hungry for unique and expressive rock music. Due to a past political climate in which rock music was prohibited throughout the 60’s and 70’s, as well as the country’s limited access to modern rock music, the Red Light Saint’s tour is expected to be a hit with Cuba’s music fans.

As the cultural doors to the island nation are beginning to open, Cuba is becoming a unique destination for international bands to share their music with a new audience. Red Light Saints are in an exceptional position to take the lead in this exchange; Their bass player, Humbe Fernandz, is a Cuban-born musician whose success and recognition in his home country has helped Red Light Saints access opportunities previously unavailable to other foreign rock groups.

The Red Light Saints Cuba Tour 2011 has been organized to showcase one of Canada’s most exciting up-and-coming rock bands, and as an exchange of culture, music, ideas and friendship between Cuba and Canada.

With the participation of the Cuban Ministry of Arts and Culture, special events have been organized to involve the Red Light Saints in the community at a grassroots level. Such an exchange has never been seen before and includes special appearances at community organizations (Sociedad Cultural Jose Marti), the Canadian embassy, and local music schools. The band will be presenting a song to Cuba’s Marathon of Hope organizers and are also scheduled to host a series of workshops for aspiring musicians in Cuba’s arts community.

Red Light Saints Cuba Tour 2011 will be documented on video, with the footage of the tour to be edited into a full-length documentary. Red Light Saints’ 2nd album, “District”, will be available on iTunes in March 2011. A welcome home party and CD release for the Saints will be held upon their return to Canada.

Red Light Saints welcome the media to share this exciting adventure. They are available for interviews upon request:

Contact: or call Chad: 613-321-1954.

For further information/music/photos/video, go to: