RLS- The District is open for business!!

July 18th, 2010

So here we are in the District – The Red Light Saints Blog.

This is the place for the rants, raves, thoughts and inspirations, comments and opinions, hopes and nightmares, truth and propaganda…from the rock n’ roll trenches of the Red Light Saints….Ottawa’s musical orphans!!!

Things will be a bit more personal here. PG-13…with mature themes and scenes of nudity…At least that’s what were hoping for.
We really want to open the dialogue with any RLS fans out there and have a place where we can all bounce ideas, complaints , interests, poems, aspirations…Whatever’s Clever!
Speak your mind or forever hold your peace.

So come down to The District and take a stroll…
No rules!…Don’t “wait your turn” and don’t “keep your hands to yourself”! Say what the hell you wanna say…just spell our name right ;)

Keep er evil!