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RLS in the BMS – 2

Friday, September 17th, 2010


So, we made it into the performance round of the LiVE 88.5 Big Money Shot!!!

Come to the BMS on Oct. 1st @ the Live Lounge and go loco for the "Saints"

Yeah, we’ll take another stab at it. And a great year for it too (I guess any year is a good year for a ca$h injection). We’ve had a wicked summer full of mis- adventures and have big plans (and a couple secrets … sshh!) for the near future. We’ll be sure to keep you posted … and if we win $200,000, we’ll keep you REALLY posted … this blog will be 3-D and scented!

Now, we’re pretty excited to be included in the Big Money Shot (BMS) once again this year. Especially amongst all the excellent bands that we know, listen to, and respect. LiVE is always very helpful and generous to the bands (…win or lose…) and the BMS is a fun and worthwhile event; If you’re a career minded musician (is that still a bad word?) … the opportunities are pretty sweet.

Unfortunately, this year, our slot landed on the same day that we were supposed to play a special benefit concert in Peterborough. This was a show that was very important to us, and a cause close to our hearts. The rules state that if you forfeit your slot, your out … hmmm! … A scheduling (and moral) conflict indeed … Won’t go into details, but a discussion was had, a decision was made, and off to the BMS we go! (Saved By The Bell taught us nothing!!!). Everyone involved in the benefit graciously understood that this was a great opportunity for the band and wished us the best of luck.

Still didn’t stop us from feeling like Royal D.B.s!

It’s like $$$ or your humanity boys! … Your souls, forever stained in a Faustian hue … Mephistopheles is laughing!!! muah-ha-ha!!! ;-)

Don’t get me wrong. (…my sense of irony doesn’t blog well…)..we’re super excited!

The BMS is like this little annual lottery for the hardworking, underpaid rockers and musical freaks of Ottawa: An opportunity to help achieve what all musicians really want – No, not fame, MTV, Personal Fragrances, Reality T.V. girlfriends, Crystal Meth or elaborate networks of sycophants and backbiters … (well … maybe our own fragrance wouldn’t be a bad idea ? … Eau du Roque – by Les Saintes de Lumiere Rouge).

… No, we do this for the ultimate goal, which is the possibility of capturing a little bit of MUSICAL SELF SUFFICIENCY!!!

… The opportunity to create better music … more music … more of the time … and to have it be heard … to inspire other people … to make a connection and communicate … to have it played on regular rotation at nudie bars?… Make Mom proud!

… And to be able to put down our ho-hums, our bore-gasmic day-to-day situations, our job-acles and work-undrums … Just to travel across the worlds 2nd largest country, in a small van with 4 very uncouth men, eating Shawarma and Meat-sticks, playing the “Rock Muzak” to unsuspecting crowds…

Oh, Heaven … Oh Bliss … Oh Twisted sense of Romance and Idealism!!! … Oh Cruel Reality Check!

… F@#k it!!!…We want it anyways.

… Cause when your on stage and a random bunch of strangers are getting off on some “little ditty” that your squiggly little brain has concocted, and everything is in the pocket, people are dripping sweat, beer bottles are missing your head, but the solos are dead on… your brain hits auto-pilot and you find yourself looking down on a perfect little sonic oasis. The line between the crowd and band melts … sureal and blurry at the edges … the stage is a precipice … the crowd a beautiful riot … and just for a moment, you kinda lose control of the situation … but you see yourself caught right in the middle of it … at this point, it could go anywhere and anything could happen … and even though it’s just a sliver of time in some dank rock club … milliseconds really … that’s what you want to happen every single day!!

… Wait, what are we talking about again? Oh Yeah! …

So If you wanna support a (former) bunch of “Saints” acheive all their sinful musical endeavours … Come out to LiVE Lounge (128 York st.) on October 1st @ 9:00 p.m.

Our Penance : 1 venemous, passionate and entertaining rock n’ roll spectacle, with all profits from RLS merch sales at the Big Money Shot donated to the Hospital for Sick Children/child cancer research.

Your Penance : $8 at the door !!!

Hope to see youz all there…It’s gonna be a sick show!

We’ll have some pre-release copies of our new E.P for sale, new tanks and tees for the girls, as well as all the usual red-light swag.