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Red Light Saints Return from a Wildly Successful Cuba Tour

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

 Red Light Saints are Back from their Cuba Tour 2011 and it couldn’t have gone any better. It was incredible !!! We did everything we set out to do and all kinds of things we never expected. Our time in Cuba was filled with the most amazing experiences, crazy shows, good friends, non-stop hustling, powerful moments, great musicians, new fans, laughs, broken guitars….and Bucaneros!!!

We have a load of media to go through, and we can’t wait to share it with all our fans and friends…as a start here is a quick little “photo tour” of our time in Cuba…Red Light Saints…Pinga!!!!

Red Light Saints and a Cuban Classic 

Rockin Cuerda Viva Fest!!!


         RLS at Egrem Studios after recording a roots version Of “Father and Son”. This is the biggest studio in Cuba with an awesome collection of vintage gear.



 Viva Cuba!!!…The National Hotel at Malecon.


Early Morning Interview at Radio Taino…”Speak in short sentences”!!!


               Red Light Saints in Cathedral Square in Old Havana.


Tearin’ in Up at Maxim Rock…Johnny’s sick as a dog, but soldiers on. 


 Big Chad and Lil’ Dan 


Humbe Doing some Busking in Old Havana 

                        RLS played for the kids at The Oncology Hospital.

         This was a very memorable and meaningful moment for the band.


                                                   Heading of to a gig


Kids Rush the Stage at Cuerda Viva…For a moment, we thought they were gonnna rip us to shreds!  One of the wildest shows we ever played…stuff got broke!!!


Traditional Cuban Lunch with a Local Family…The Yucca, Rice and Beans and Grilled Pork…Best eats we had the whole trip, hands down. Thanks Igor (y familia:)!!!

Doing a workshop with Cuban Musicians at the Maxim Rock. Ended up being a great big cross cultural jam…No Translation Necessary!

Radio Interview with Juanito Camacho at Radio Ciudad Habana. This guy was awesome. A month earlier, he was interviewing Jimmy Page…

Jammin with the locals at Malecon by the seaside…someone has had too many Bucaneros!!!

             Outside the Cuerda Viva Venue.



           A little mid-flight band business.


Another one bites the Dust…This Love/Hate relationship with Guitars is getting to be an expensive Habit…We had only been in Cuba 4 days!!!

Red Light Saints walking the alleys of Old Havana.

Red Light Saints Cuba Tour 2011

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

That’s Right Hermanos/Hermanas!

Red Light Saints are hitting the road and bringing the show to beautiful tropical Cuba!!! We have a whole week full of performances – festivals, theaters, university shows, as well as tv/radio appearances, interviews and more. (We’re booked pretty solid actually … hope we get ample “beachtime”). Never before has a Canadian Alternative Rock band been invited by the Cuban Ministry of Arts and Culture, on an official tour of the country.

This tour has been in the works for a while. It started as a little idea we had last year and has snowballed into something much larger than originally expected. When Humbe (RLS bassist – who started his musical career in Cuba) joined the band, he would often speak of the “hunger” that young Cuban music lovers have for exciting, new rock bands. It is not a common tour destination for many groups and access to modern mainstream Rock music is still very limited (Rock n’ Roll was, after all, prohibited until the 1970′s). So we took the plunge and decided that RLS would do just that … bring Canadian Alternative Rock to an audience that is just ravenous and ready for it. As artists, the prospect is pretty exciting!!!

And let’s face it…bustin’ out of Canada in mid March ain’t too bad either. That’s why we are calling it our “Rock n’ Roll Spring Break”

The logistics were a little staggering at first, but our involvement with the Cuban Ministry of Arts and Culture, The Institute of Cuban Music, our Tour Manager and several of Humbe’s old industry contacts, has opened up some doors for us, that would be unavailable to most bands, and has given us this rare opportunity.

We have some excellent gigs lined up, including a headlining slot at Cuerda Viva, one of Cuba’s biggest music festivals. Check back soon, our full schedule will be released shortly.

And the spirit of this Tour is not to just “go play some shows”. We will be getting involved in the community as much as possible, because our goal (like the goal of music itself) is one of sharing and exchange. We have much to gain from this experience and from the wonderful people of Cuba, so we plan to give as much of ourselves as we can, as a way of expressing our heartfelt thanks to a community that has opened its arms to us. And hopefully those arms will stay open to embrace future waves of Canadian rock bands. While in Cuba, RLS will be working closely with benefit/charity organizations, hosting a series of workshops for the arts community, visiting music schools and more.

The whole experience will be filmed for an upcoming documentary.

So check back with us often … for the full Tour schedule, updates, new media, an ongoing tour blog, and our strange thoughts on the matter.